Outside of nursery (including on public transport)

Face Coverings

Nobody wants this virus to enter our nursery. 

Please please you have everyone’s safety literally in your hands even when you are not in nursery. You must follow all Government Guidance when outside the nursery but we would ask you to consider that anyone or everyone around you could have the virus. 

The purpose of a face covering out generally is to reduce the likelihood of you spreading your bodily fluid around and therefore infecting others. If everyone wore face coverings, then the public areas would genuinely be safer places. You may think face coverings do do look attractive. Neither does the inside of an ICU ward! Please we ask all staff to wear a face covering when they go outside nursery. In fact we are so keen for this that we will supply you with one. 

Here is Nicky modelling one like you will be given (Colours may vary). 

 Please remember that this is custom and practice in the far east and has been for centuries. Countries in the Far East not only contained this deadly virus better than the USA and Europe, but they are also managing after lock-down efficiently. We have lessons to learn, and this is potentially one of them. Even if you have a cold it would be usual to wear a face covering in these countries.  

Hand sanitising

Again cleanliness of your hands is crucial to control of this virus. I share a few videos to show exactly how. we feel so strongly that you must always carry and use hand sanitiser when you are out and about, we will provide every working staff member with your own 100ML hand bag sized bottle. You will also be able to fill this up from the Nursery bulk supply (5L bottles) 

100ML bottle of hand sanitiser

5L bottle of hand sanitiser[/capti

How COVID-19 spreads