Local Offer

The purpose of a ‘Local Offer’ is to enable parents and carers to establish what services are available to children with SEND in their area and how to access them.

At NCN, we advise families of children with additional needs of the facilities and resources that are available to support families. We also train our staff regularly, so they are up to date and knowledgeable on the subject.

How else do we help support families?

Our key person system and settling in process helps build strong relationships between families and staff to ensure all individual needs are met for all children in our care.  Our Learning journals and observations, including Individual Play Plans (IPP’S) and Educational Health Plans (EHP’S), are completed daily to provide stimulating and appropriate activities for your child’s needs to help them grow and develop.

Our special educational needs (SEN) Co-ordinator regularly attends training to keep updated with new policy changes, techniques and resources. The SENCO then supports our experienced staff to successfully implement Makaton and other appropriate skills to meet children’s needs to provide the best stimulating environment for all children.  We work closely with the South Gloucestershire team to identify specialist support and on-going educational needs for a wide variety of children

What resources do we have available?

We have a wide range of resources to use and our facilities can and have been adapted when necessary, to support any physical or additional need. We have sensory areas within the children’s playrooms to enable them to explore a variety of textures, scents, lights and sounds within a calming, relaxing environment.

What experience do we have?

We have cared for and supported children with various Special educational needs that affect their ability to learn including:

  • behaviour or ability to socialise, for example, communicating to peers
  • Level of understanding things
  • physical needs or impairments, for example, speech, hearing and language