Alex is our nurseries Sustainability Lead 

My love for the natural world and environment, began before I can remember. Many of my fondest childhood memories were spent outside searching for frogs, newts, and other animals. This passion led me to study Conservation Biology, where I learnt about the myriad of threats facing the natural world. But after witnessing first-hand the devastating impacts of climate-induced natural disasters, on both people and wildlife, my focus shifted away from just conservation to bringing about meaningful solutions to the climate crisis. I therefore undertook an MSc at the University of Leeds in Climate Change and Environmental Policy, which equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to help confront the climate and ecological crises. Helping NCN (as their Sustainability Officer) use the guidance suggested via the Eco-Wheel scheme has offered me a perfect opportunity to do just that. At NCN we are helping the next generation of children understand how they can live more sustainably and how to truly appreciate the environment we live in. As a team, we can identify and prioritise key actions our nurseries should take to maximise our ability to make effective change. Helping to safeguard the planet for current and future generations

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