We use makaton to help our children to understand and communicate. It is thought that children are able to communicate through Makaton and signing before they can verbalize the words. By using Makaton, this can help children communicate easier which helps stop frustration and miss-understanding.  

Practice Your Makaton with Gemma !

Signs for Under Two's

Gemma demonstrates 'please', 'thankyou', 'sit', 'standup', 'nappy', 'toilet', 'stop', 'wash'. 'finish'.

Signs for 2 - 3s

Gemma demonstrates 'Mummy', 'Daddy', 'Look', 'Listen', 'Eat', 'Drink', 'Sleep', 'Playground'.

Signs for 3-5s

Gemma demonstrates 'Happy', 'Sad', 'Angry/frustrated', 'Calm down', 'Friend', 'Talk/say',