DSL Pack

A page of resources for Designated Safeguarding Leads

DSL Documents

Documents specific to county and relevant to all Including DSL job description

Policies and Frameworks

Company policies and national frameworks

Serious Case Reviews

Recently published case reviews


Training requirements specific to a DSL.
Trauma aware and ACE's informed information

DSL Documents

In this section, you will find national guidance through to projects and presentations. Some may have come from another county but hold relevant information and suitable practice

Relevant To All

Prevent Duty

Revised 2021 but PDF no longer available (HTML only)

Be Curious

Oct 2015

South West Child Protection Procedures

Both Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire are part of the South West Child Protection Group. This link takes us to a list of local procedures.

County Specific


Neglect Toolkit

(must be submitted with a MARF referral for neglect)

Glos Escalation

Glos Escalation Policy 2021

DSL Job Description

A formal account of a designated safeguarding leads responsibilities

Policies and Frameworks

In this section you will find company policies and national frameworks

Serious Case Reviews

The following is a detailed review considering the findings from SCRs in 2019_2020


Browse local and national Serious Case Reviews, all relevant to nursery age children and practitioners. All reviews are available from the NSPCC website using the green button below


Noodle Now courses and more

Glos DSL Training

Oct 2021

Noodle Now

Online Safety

45 mins
(refresh 2 yearly)

Child Sexual Exploitation

45 mins
(refresh 2 yearly)

Safer Recruitment

45 mins
(refresh 2 yearly)

Breast Ironing

45 mins
(refresh 2 yearly)

Understanding Neglect

1 hour
(refresh 2 yearly)

Trauma Aware and ACE's Informed

Key Staff Documents

ACE's Poster

Adverse Childhood Experiences can have a profound impact on children, right through to adulthood.

'Always Available Adult' Poster

We can help children build resilience to ACES and trauma through being a trusted adult. They need the confidence to be able to talk to someone about what is happening to them.

Children's Mental Health Booklet

Booklet designed by an Early Years Teacher graduate

Building Resilience

REACH - Resiliency Enabling Approaches for Children and Young People

A guide for schools in nurturing the resilience of children with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Building Resilience Training Aid

A Training Aid, supporting the education of Adverse Childhood Experiences and the need for resilience.

South Glos

ACE Ambassador

South Glos started to run a Ace’s Ambassador programme in 2020 and then COVID-19 struck! We have used some of the documents though below. 


Gloucestershire's Action on ACE's

Gloucestershire are very engaged with ensuring all educators are Trauma Informed and ACE’s aware. In June 2021 they held a Action on ACE’s conference which was very inspiring. The materials below are some of the key documents from the talks.