The Un-furloughing Process

If you have been on Furlough, to return to work the Company will follow a set process. You will be advised informally to check there is no change in your current circumstances. You will then be issued with a ‘Notice to return from furlough’ letter. 

Here is an example one –

To ensure we fully understand how you have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you will also be contacted either by a nursery manager or Yvonne (HR) to take you through an Impact Questionnaire, to ensure we can support you fully on your return to work.  

Here is an example of the Impact Questionnaire


Specific Infection Control Training Required

Before you are able to return to work we ask that you complete the following courses. They are not onerous and will take you a relatively short time. 

NoodleNow!- Illness and infection Control

By the end of this course, learners should understand: the definition of an infection; bacteria and viruses common infections in an early year’s setting; cold viruses, flu viruses and stomach bugs the reasons why children are susceptible ways to prevent and manage common infections, including cleaning and immunisations the need for policies to be in place and adhered to the need for training (Automatic email on completion of course via your login)

Educare - Infection Prevention and Control in an Early Years Setting

The purpose of the course is to look at what infection prevention and control means and to highlight some of the key actions required to prevent the spread of germs and to manage outbreaks of infectious illness. (Badge awarded via your login - which will need to be emailed to your manager).

Highfields Online Training - COVID-19 (Updated 1st July)

A simple course which covers in detail key things you need to know about COVID-19 including The course covers: the differences between a virus and bacteria how our bodies respond to viruses what COVID-19 is how the virus spreads the symptoms of COVID-19 how we can protect ourselves where to stay informed (Free online course - Please email when completed)


Before you return to work, you will need to undertake a number of key declarations (if you cannot complete these forms from home, they MUST be completed at work on your first day of return). All workers must also complete a Confidentiality Agreement which is shown in the ‘What will be different at Nursery Section)

DBS Declaration Form

It is our Company Policy that staff absent from the setting for a month must complete a new DBS Declaration

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Sept 2019
Part 1 with Annex A

COVID-19 Declaration Form

We have had a period of significant change and we all have responsibilities to keep our selves and children safe. We cannot take this lightly and so you will need to sign a declaration that you fully understand your responsibilities.

Specific Safeguarding training required

All staff undertake a huge range of safeguarding training whilst employed with NCN. Children and staff have been absent from work for a long period and as such change may have taken place during this period, or situations may have occurred. To ensure our knowledge is refreshed, we ask that you review the following documents and ensure your basic safeguarding training has been completed within the last 3 months. I would like to say a massive thank you for all the training that you have already undertaken during the past few months, and I hope this small list is not onerous.  

Safeguarding Children

2 hrs
(refresh 2 yearly)

Child Protection

45 mins
(refresh 2 yearly)