Planning in the Moment

     Over the past few months, we have been researching better ways of helping the children learn and reach their full potential and we believe we have found the best way in what is becoming known as ‘Planning In The Moment’

      Our brains are at their most active when we have high levels of involvement which in children occurs most often when they are able to pursue their own interests in an enabling environment supported by skilled staff. Planning in the moment makes this possible.

       As you come into nursery, you may start to notice that nothing is set out on the tables. The children select what they want to do in each area. The principal is that resources are accessible to children and they are varied, open ended and high quality. This gives the children the opportunity to select resources to support their chosen activity and extend on their interests.

     The adults are there to facilitate learning. They do this through observations and interactions. 

      Our adults know the children very well and have a sound understanding of child development. This ensures that the adults enhance and extend the learning at an appropriate level