People Vulnerable to COVID-19

Some of our decison-making and actions regarding workers is based on their status. Click here to see more about this...

The Un-furloughing Process

Lots is different and so before we bring workers back into nursery from furlough, there will be an 'un-furloughing' process which includes training you will need to have completed.

What will be different at nursery?

Your job remains to lovingly care for our children, as you always have. However, we have needed to make some changes to how we operate to safeguard both staff and children.

PPE Usage in Nursery

The usage of PPE in nursery is changed, so please click here to see when PPE will be needed.

Your responsibility outside of work

You will need to safeguard staff and children by following guidance outside of work. Click here to see how...

Your Physical and mental well being

Link to this page to understand the symptoms of Coronavirus and other topics

If a child or adult develops symptoms

If we have a staff member or child with symptoms, please see here how we will deal with it.

Links to guidance materials

Click here to see links to relevant reference guidance

Our Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment is at the heart of all the changes that we have made, so we share with you a copy of it. This is a live document so will be updated as new Guidances are issued

Operational Plan Updates

This Operational Plan remains draft until 1st June 2020, to enable parents and staff to review and feedback comments. From 1st June all changes made will be recorded here.

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