Natural Choice Nurseries is very proud of the strong family relationships that we form with each and every one of our parents. To ensure parents are involved and informed we use many approaches to ensure that each family receives a unique experience when their child joins Natural Choice Nurseries.

  • Each child has a named Key Person who supports their development and helps the child and parent with the settling in at Nursery. Starting Nursery can be a scary experience for both child and parent and we like to make our parents and children feel as comfortable as possible.
  • We offer no pressure, free settling in sessions the month before your child is due to start – this time allows the staff member to get to know you and your child, their routine and their likes and dislikes
  • Parents are informed of the menu each week via e-mail or through a paper copy so they know what their child is eating, and what is being offered
  • Staff make sure that at the end of each session, feedback is provided to the parent through our day books, that ensures each parents knows what their child has been up to throughout the day along with what they have eaten and slept etc.
  • Every six months we offer a ‘parents evening’ this allows you the opportunity to be able to sit down with your child’s Key Person to have a longer chat than you may be able to when rushing to pick them up from work etc. The staff will talk you through your child’s developments and how they are at Nursery. We find both staff and parents really enjoy these Parents evenings
  • Parents are shown their child’s progress through their learning journal, we use “The Learning Journal” programme on-line to record your child’s observations. This means only you have the log in details but you will be notified every time a new observation has been written by the Key Person so you can go on-line and see what your child has accomplished.
  • Social evenings are held throughout the year so parents can come together to talk to each other, meet the parents of the children they may talk about all the time, or just have a chance to see the staff in a social situation. Our most popular social event is our Christmas Carol Sing and Sign event where the children and the parents come together to sing and sign carols together.
  • Both managers have an ‘open door’ policy for all parents to chat at any time, they are always avaliable via the telephone, email or through the Facebook page.
  • Parents are encouraged to share their child’s ‘out of nursery’ activities through sending stories and photos of what they have been doing over the holidays or weekends and are then presented onto display boards allowing them the opportunity to talk about it with their friends and the staff within the Nursery.