We offer High Quality childcare to local parents. We are proud of how what we do and how we work with our parents.

Natural Choice Nurseries, ‘Vision Statement

A fresh approach to childcare, where we :-

  • provide the BEST day care provision for children aged 0-5 years. This is safe, stimulating and caring, such that laughter and learning would be the normal environment.
  • ensure parents are confident that their child is being looked after in an environment that is continually striving to improve.
  • develop strong working relationships with parents such that the children are developed to their full potential
  • demonstrate that working in childcare can be both rewarding and a long-term career path, by having a full remuneration package for staff and encouraging training and career development.
  • ensure that the children’s health and physical well-being are maintained by providing freshly prepared nutritious meals and snacks from organic, wholegrain & ideally local ingredients.

We value :-

  • laughter & learning
  • safe, friendly, stimulating & fun indoor and outdoor environments
  • motivated staff
  • contented, involved parents
  • inclusiveness
  • the needs of individuals and the strength of the team – staff, children & parents
  • good communication
  • enabling staff & children to develop & reach their potential
  • wholesome, nutritious, organic food

We aim to :-

  • be a safe, exciting, welcoming and child-friendly environment.
  • be a fully inclusive provision, which meets the needs and expectations of everyone.
  • provide a working environment where staff are motivated, as they know they are rewarded, respected and developed.
  • encourage the formation of strong relationships between both adults and children.
  • develop a partnership with parents such that they are confident that their children are happy and well cared for.
  • offer a mixed and exciting range of resources that encourages learning through play both indoors and outdoors.
  • use the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to it’s full potential.
  • plan our business such that staff, parents and children have their say.
  • ensure the individual needs of all children are considered through observations and planned activities.
  • inform parents of how we work through the display of policies, procedure & audit results.
  • remain sustainable by monitoring the business success effectively.