Natural Choice Nurseries is affiliated to a range of different organisations and companies that we are very proud of.



Nicky Edwards the Nursery Owner has recently taken on the role of  Chair for the newly formed South Glos and Bristol NDNA Network. National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) began as a group of nurseries who came together to share good practice and ideas. Today, they are a rapidly growing, award-winning national charity with a committed and thriving membership across England, Scotland Wales and internationally. Their aim is, and will always be, to make sure children get the best possible start in life. By empowering childcare settings to run high quality, sustainable businesses, they understand children will benefit from the best care and learning, helping them to reach their potential.



We believe all parents should be able to have a honest and true reflection of the childcare setting that their child attends. Natural Choice Nurseries is part of, which is the leading guide to all UK day nurseries. As part of their service they encourage parents to be able to fill in review cards and send them back to their website with true reviews of the Nursery. This allows other potential parents to be able to read feedback before joining the Nursery.


T4Kids was started by the Nursery Owners Nicky and Fred Edwards, who are also experienced engineers. Tinkering and woodworking in the early years became a concept for Natural Choice children when 2 staff members attended a locally run training course encouraging staff to introduce real tools into their Early Years settings. The discussion prompted many questions.

  • How can company owners balance the risks of this activity with the clear benefits to the children.
  • How can appropriate tools and resources be sourced?
  • How can the children learn that use of real tools in nursery is different to using them at home unsupervised?.

After researching all these challenges, the owners realised that they could share their learning experience and help other settings introduce these activities too.  T4Kids offers a ‘complete solution’ to Early Years setting for practical hands-on activities. The children within the Nursery love these activities and there is always a big cheer whenever the yellow outfits are brought out for the children.


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